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Medical Coding and billing are the invisible engines within the healthcare system. It's impossible for the medical industry to efficiently transfer data without these two components, and healthcare providers would have an incredibly hard time getting paid for services. Medical coders translates the patients visits, and doctors notes into numeric or alpha numeric codes which in turn is used by the medical biller to produce a UB92 or CMS1500 claim form. Accurate coding results in better outcomes, and insurance claims are paid faster at the correct reimbursement amount. Exceptional coding also identifies area of opportunity for doctor improving their medical documentation and contributes to a smoother revenue cycle process. 

Accurate Coding results in faster payment of medical claims. Get it right the first time.

Medical Coding is skill often overlooked and sometimes under appreciated but it's the key component to avoiding lawsuits for fraudulent billing and contributes to the successful payment of your providers claims. It is imperative that your claims are handled by an experienced coding team, that can work along side your revenue cycle department and produce great results. We have exactly what you need at IHS.

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