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Innovative Healthcare Solutions offers a unique approach to revenue cycle management. We focus on ares such as Account Receivables Management, End to End Revenue Cycle Solutions, and Denials Management Consulting we pride ourselves in finding custom solutions for our customers.


We focus on service, and transparency when working with customers, and our assessment of each organization is from all angles. Key performance indicators are important but only tell half the story. We work hard to increase your revenue by using nothing less than detective work when it comes to medical claims follow up. 


Innovative Healthcare Solutions takes on the denials management process so medical practices can focus on spending more time with their patients. For medical provider it’s well worth the investment. In this business time is valuable, and more patients means more claims submitted for payment. Denials management is very time consuming and requires a certain level of expertise that our company offers. You can also expect an increase in efficiency because we provide constant feedback on how to improve your bottom line. The process can be very intimidating and it’s our team that takes on that burden for the customer. We also keep customers up to date with all current industry changes in the healthcare space. The key to success in this environment is flexibility.  

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